2014-07-24 / Columnists

Babylon News & Muse

by Mary Gallagher

Things in Babylon are fairly quiet, as so many people are out of town. Last week’s thunderstorms flooded many streets. Because the rain came down so heavily, the storm drains could not absorb it all. The street in front of my home suffers from wide streams - too wide to jump across to get to my car. Fortunately, those storm drains do take care of this fairly quickly, assuming the rain lets up.

Welcome home, Dot! One of my favorite natives of Babylon, Dot Campi, is visiting for several weeks as she has done since she moved to the southwest. Can’t wait to see you, Dot!

•I went to Rhode Island for the wonderful wedding of Kerry Borg, daughter of Susan Borg of Babylon and Cliff Borg of Bay Shore, to Larry Albino. The two were wed at the North Beach Clubhouse in Narragansett on June 21. The bride was beautiful in a Grecian-style gown and the groom handsome in his bow tie. Larry told us he fell in love at first sight with Kerry when she first came to work at WHDH-TV in Boston six years ago, where both of them work. The couple has a home in Cranston, RI.

Kerry Borg Albino with new husband Larry Albino is shown with matron of honor, Allison Borg Bridges, to left of the bride. Kerry Borg Albino with new husband Larry Albino is shown with matron of honor, Allison Borg Bridges, to left of the bride. •It looks too difficult to pronounce, and when you do say it, the name of the latest virus carried by mosquitoes sounds silly. It’s the Chikungunya (chik-un-gun-ya) virus and it’s arrived on Long Island. Fortunately, so far only three people have caught the virus and all of them had recently visited the Caribbean, where the virus has been circulating since last December, having traveled from Africa.

The Centers for Disease Control say that symptoms are similar to Dengue fever, and include fever, joint pain and swelling, headache and muscle pain (with or without a rash). The symptoms can last for weeks. There is no vaccine, and the CDC has also found a case in Florida that came from a local mosquito that had bitten someone with the virus, so it can be transmitted that way.

•A memorial service for Thomas E. Henry was held at Chapey’s this past Tuesday. Tom, a native of Babylon, died this past February in Florida after a long illness. He is survived by his wife, Barbara, his brother, Hon. Patrick Henry, and sister, Margaret Daly, as well as four children and numerous nieces and nephews. Tom served as a captain in the Navy in three wars (World War II, Korea and Vietnam). He was also a member of the Babylon Fire Department (Phoenix Hose Company #1) for more than 60 years.

•I am also sad to announce the recent death of Ralph D. Howell, Jr., June 26, in Pennsylvania. Although he had not lived in Babylon for many years, he was a frequent correspondent with the Beacon, sharing his memories and opinions. A principal of E. W. Howell Co. when it was located in Babylon, Ralph felt his most notable works in construction were the restoration of the Shermerhorn Row Block at South Street Seaport and the Hotel Plaza. Ralph was an avid seaman. He is survived by three daughters: India Howell, Robin Best and Claudia Fish. He was predeceased by his wife, Natalie. A memorial service will be held in his honor at Chapey’s on Aug. 4.

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