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Babylon News & Muse

by Mary Gallagher

Have you been enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been having? There have been a lot of events over the last few weekends and most of them have benefited from the clear skies and pleasant temperatures.

The Babylon Rotary held its annual “Endless Summer Wine and Food Expo” on Sun., Sept. 14. As usual, the weather was great and so were the festivities.

Many of the local restaurants provided at least dishes for tasting and everything seemed to be delicious. I especially loved the rice ball from One Main! Wine, liquor, beer and cider were available for tasting as well. Just when you thought you’d had enough, desserts were served inside. Plates were heaped with cake, fudge and dipped fruit, cupcakes and cookies. It was difficult not to stuff yourself into a heart attack with all the wonderful dishes and drinks. Just as I was getting ready to leave, winners of the Chinese auction were announced, along with lucky bucks and door prizes. I had spent a good amount on raffles and Chinese auction tickets and was disappointed when I didn’t win anything. Just as I started toward my car, my name was called as the winner of a door prize: a Radio Flyer filled with wine and liquor!

Gary Davis and Susan Borg at the Rotary’s Endless Summer Wine and Food Expo. Gary Davis and Susan Borg at the Rotary’s Endless Summer Wine and Food Expo. Needless to say, I was delighted and grateful. Ironically, I was more thrilled by the Radio Flyer than the liquor and wine. I was very jealous as a little girl when my brothers got the wagon for Christmas. I’m sure, however, that I’ll find some way to dispose of all that booze.

The entertainment, a calypso band called Next-Level, was terrific. The same band was there last year and everyone was delighted to see they were back. They do a great job and the mixture of music they performed was excellent. They also set up just far enough away from the tables so that we could enjoy the music and still hear the conversation.

This Sunday marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Babylon Village Historical and Preservation Society. The museum, formerly the original home of the Babylon Public Library, houses a nice collection of local memorabilia and exhibits. The museum was closed for a good part of this year as the building underwent renovations, but will open on Sun., Sept. 28 from noon to 4 p.m. to celebrate the anniver- sary. Please come to see the wonderful changes that have taken place as well as the new exhibits. Mary Cascone, Babylon Town historian, will give a special presentation of old photos of the Village. Refreshments will also be available. Admission is free.

There have been many changes in the Business District and I am hoping to tell you about the new businesses in my next column.

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